Wagging tails in the workplace

11 September 2017

In the USA, Purina has officially allowed its employees to bring their furry friends to work for the past 15 years. The office staff of Purina in Poland have had this privilege since the spring of 2016. According to research by Glassdoor, the #Pets@Work programme has considerably contributed to employee satisfaction and it has improved employee loyalty and job contentment.

At this year’s conference we will hear more about the #Pets@Work programme and the requirements that the owner and the pet have to meet as well as how to convert an office or an entire office building for the needs of such a programme. The presentation will be given by Sybilla Berwid-Wójtowicz from Nestlé Purina, who specialises in diet-based preventative medicine for dogs, cats and also people. She is the author of numerous publications, and is an experienced lecturer and trainer. Privately, she is the owner of four four-legged companions.

‘A Furball in the Office’ presentation will take place at 11:00 AM.

The 14th Office Market Conference
Hilton Hotel
Grzybowska 63, Warsaw
Grzybowska 63