About office buildings for the 10th time

6 March 2019

Eurobuild Conferences’ 10th Office Market Conference for Poland – Trends and Outlook is to take place on May 28th. This year we invite you to attend in one of Poland’s tallest buildings, the Warsaw Spire. The event will be held in The Heart on the 38th floor.

The high quality of the conference will not only be determined by its location, but, above all, by the level of the discussion. Among other topics, we will be covering: the future of the Polish investment market; what we can do to ensure that minimise the negative impact on the market of a slowdown; and what the expectations of young people are when it comes to the workplace.

This year new features have been added to the agenda: the ‘10, 20, 30 questions to…’ interview, as well as a sparring session. Another novelty is that guests of the conference will be given the opportunity to sit on the discussion panels.

Make sure you keep a close eye on the conference site for all the latest news about this event.

The 14th Office Market Conference
Hilton Hotel
Grzybowska 63, Warsaw
Grzybowska 63