Eyal Litwin vs Michał Jeziorski

11 October 2018

How do young people imagine their future workplaces? What should a co-working office provide and why? Perhaps it isn’t actually any better than standard space? Where should it be: in the city centre or on the outskirts? What should the developer pay attention to when planning workplaces for Generation Z?
These are just a few of the questions that will be asked during a sparring session between a property owner, Eyal Litvin, the CEO of Adgar Poland, and a tenant, Michał Jeziorski, the president of the Twój StartUp foundation for enterprise development.
Two different personalities and two different views of the office market. What do they expect from each other? Do they have common goals?
Make sure you are there to see it!
Sparring: Investor vs Tenant at the 9th Conference Office Market for Poland, Warsaw Marriott Hotel, 10:30 am.

The 14th Office Market Conference
Hilton Hotel
Grzybowska 63, Warsaw
Grzybowska 63