What does co-working require from a developer?

1 October 2018

Shared offices have been popping up like mushrooms. They are considered to be the future of this particular real estate segment.

What kind of requirements do co-working companies have of the space offered by developers and building owners? Maciej Król, the chief growth officer, and Konrad Szaruga, the business development director from Business Link will clarify any doubts you may have during their workshop.

Business Link is a chain of 17 unique spaces in Poland’s largest cities and the chain also includes its premiere foreign location in Prague in the Czech Republic. The company’s latest premium office space is in the Green2Day building in Wrocław and the Business Link PGE Narodowy branch in Warsaw is the largest co-working space in Central and Eastern Europe. We are pleased to announce that Business Link will be our contents partner for the conference.

Workshop: What does co-working require from a developer? , 15:00

The 14th Office Market Conference
Hilton Hotel
Grzybowska 63, Warsaw
Grzybowska 63