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1 April 2020

Some situations give us added motivation to do something more… out-of-the-box. The pandemic has prompted us to take steps to ensure your safety while at the same time keeping Eurobuild going – and we hope we will have your support in this. So we are pleased to announce that the 11th Office Market Conference for Poland. Trends & Outlook will take place on May 26th – and for the first time it will be entirely online. The second half of the title of the conference has recently taken on greater significance. Current market trends will be covered in depth during the panel entitled ‘Together or Apart’ as well as in the ‘Remote economy’ presentation. Also of great concern is what we can expect in the near future. Forecasts for the short-term will be given during the ‘Depression or Euphoria’ and ‘What’s on the Horizon’ panels. Legal and tax issues have also come to the forefront due to the confusion brought about by the pandemic and of the measures taken by the public authorities. So we have decided to hold workshops on these topics: ‘Struggling with Force Majeure’ and ‘Help in Practice’. During these sessions you will be able to ask questions online. The knowledge and advice given by the panellists could be crucial in helping you get through the current situation.

Eurobuild itself has not stop working. Except we have switched our activities to a sphere that is still safe for everyone i.e. the internet. We hope you will join us in the virtual world and are at your disposal at any time. So turn on your computer, laptop, phone or tablet on May 26th and join us for the conference. It might also be the first and only opportunity for you to attend a conference in your tracksuit. Don’t miss this chance! All you need to do to be with us on May 26th is register online at: We are hoping for a big turnout – and perhaps then we will be encouraged to hold more online events. Together we can show that the sector is still strong despite the lockdown.

The 16th Annual Eurobuild CEE Tennis Tournament

The 16th Annual Eurobuild CEE Tennis Tournament

May 28th, 2021,Warszawianka Tennis Club, ul. Merliniego 9,Warsaw
The 20th Annual Eurobuild CEE Golf Tournament

The 20th Annual Eurobuild CEE Golf Tournament

May 28th 2021,First Warsaw Golf & Country Club,Rajszew
The 5th Suits on bikes

The 5th Suits on bikes

7th July 2021,Warsaw,


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The 12th Office Market Conference for Poland
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